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In an effort to provide our citizens with access to excellent local media content, Wolfeboro Community Television (WCTV); a non-profit, 501(c) 3 organization, cablecasting on MetroCast channels 24, 25, and 26 is pleased to offer you the opportunity to underwrite programs. As a locally owned business or organization in Wolfeboro, your organization plays an important part in maintaining the vitality of our economy, as well as contributing greatly to the quality of life in Wolfeboro and in New Durham. You will be able to increase your visibility at an affordable cost, while supporting your only local community television station. All funds received for underwriting will be allocated specifically to support additional staffing, to produce additional local programs, and to purchase equipment allowing the station to keep up to date with today's technology opportunities.

Underwriters Receive

Underwriting credit announcements are broadcast at the beginning and end of each underwritten program piece (a maximum of 20-seconds on each end).
The content must comply with WCTV and FCC guidelines and are crafted cooperatively by WCT and the Underwriter. 
Listing on our Underwriter Bulletin Board page (the bulletin Board plays primarily on Channel 24, and is included in programming for channels 25 and 26 as well).
Your name should appear on the screen approximately 8 times per week in which the underwritten programs are shown and approximately 20 times per day on the Bulletin Board!

Announcement May Include

Underwriter's name, address, phone number, business hours, website address
factual, value-neutral description of business, product line, service
slogans or marketing theme that identify (not promote) the Underwriter.
Information re: special events, such as concerts, fairs and non-profit fundraising

Announcement May NOT Include

Qualitative, comparative or promotional language 
Calls-to-action, prices, or incentives to buy.
Viewpoints on public issues or political candidates.


An Underwriter or representative may not appear in the program piece being underwritten.
The Underwriter must understand there is a "no-strings attached" contribution to WCTV.
If the underwriting announcement contains graphics or sound created by WCTV personnel, there will be no non-recurring generation charge
Additional acknowledgements may not be made during the program.
Credits slide and any copy must be received in advance of the show date.
WCTV reserves the right to accept or decline any announcement or contribution.