P-E-T-E-R Pijoan (P1) was instrumental in developing WCTV to be what it is today.  After retiring as an engineer in the Boston area, he started the Lakes Region Public Access station in Laconia, and came to the Wolfeboro station shortly after WCTV got off the ground.  Under his leadership, WCTV acquired it's non-profit 501(c)3 status.  Today, P-E-T-E-R can be found at the editing station in the studio, at a ball game, or running the switcher at a concert, among many other tasks he is quite willing to take upon himself.  When he is not behind a camera (or doing these other various and sundry things), you might find him spending time with his family in Colorado.

Jake Cantrall was recruited to operate the programmer scheduler computer and to keep the bulletin board up to doate on channel 24.  He learned those things very quickly, and has been editing for us as well.  Jake graduated as a home-school student and will be studying nursing in the fall; he assures us he will be able to continue as our program schedule computer operator while a nursing student.

Axel Plache More about Axel soon!

Staff and crew:

Peter PijoaN

Jake Cantrall


Wolfeboro Community Television Inc. has been established to foster the use of electronic media by providing residents and organizations of the Town of Wolfeboro, NH and other membership NH communities with public access cable television channels for the purpose of non-commercial communication within the communities. To this end, Wolfeboro Community Television Inc. is committed to providing an opportunity for members of the Wolfeboro and other member communities to use cable television to communicate their views or other information. WCTV makes available channel time on the cable system as well as access to and training in the use of television production resources. WCTV seeks to: (1) present a wide range of programming that expresses a diversity of perspectives; (2) establish a broad base of community understanding of and involvement in the public access television; (3) encourage community support for access productions; (4) furnish a media for free expression; and (5) inform the viewers of public meetings and school events either live or recorded for subsequent telecasting. WCTV further intends to assess community response to programming, to ensure continued community access to and use of the public access channels through sound management; and to participate in the development of additional community uses of telecommunications technology.

Timothy Goodwin - ExEcutive Director

About Us

​Timothy Goodwin comes to Wolfeboro Community Television with a unique and varied background. He has worked for General Electric as an electronic engineering technician, worked for several non-profit organizations as Executive Director, and most recently served the town of Rindge, NH as the Recreation Director. The role of Executive Director for WCTV is a challenge Timothy is honored to take on and we anticipate some great changes are ahead. When he's not behind the camera, you can find Timothy enjoying time with his family, helping with school concerts, and involved with other community-related programs throughout the region.